ARP Wheel studs on Honda hubs Explained!

This is in reference to ARP extended wheel studs for Honda/Acura applications. The part # is 100-7708. They are ARP100-7708 at Summit Racing and can be had for ~$12 for a 5 pack. (Less then 1/2 the cost of those 'other' units)

They are sold under the description "GM: Camaro, Firebird, Corvette, late GM, 12mm,1.5 thread x 2 1/2 in. long, .509 in. knurl diameter, wheel studs."

ARP Stud

This is taken from an email thread from the "Yahoo Type R club"

[Guy Gladden] The stock wheel studs are just a bit short and I want to replace them with longer ones. I had a web site bookmarked but now I can't find it. Stock studs are something like 37mm long and I'd like something around 45-50mm. Anyone know where to look?

[Mark Johnson] Since those are sold 4 to a pack and are $5/each [The Skunk2 studs] I think you can do better for less at ARP - look for the ones sold for the Corvette, they are 12mm X 60mm long and I use them on all the racng NSX's. The knurls they have will take industrial air guns too. Available at your local racer shop.

[Stephen S. Sakai] Dont get the zspeed/skunk2 studs. you WILL have problems with the nuts galling, stripping and eventually getting stuck onto the stud forcing you to cut it off. even antiseize doesnt help.

[wchian1@attbi.com] I've used the Zspeed extended wheel studs and I would not recommend it. I twisted a few of them off with my torque wrench when I tried to torque them a bit over spec. Here is a pic I just scanned:

Broken Skunk2 studs

[Guy Gladden] I looked at the ARP studs. A little longer than I want but I guess that just means a little more machine shop time. Question is has anyone actually installed the ARP studs into Type R hubs? Is the knurl size the right size? ARP studs were designed for Camaro's and Corvettes so it's hard to imagine that GM and Honda would use the same size.

[Stephen S. Sakai] The hub will need to be machined a bit to open up the holes.

[Mark Johnson] Yes they are bigger - they are bigger to get a bigger bite of the hub to withstand the stress of a monster air gun. They work fine in our NSX's and if I ever have the hubs off the ITR I'll stick them on there too. Once you put them on you are stuck with them - as you noted the knurls is a larger diameter than the OEM. Having them trimmed to length for you should not cost that much if you don't want to use open faced nuts.

[Mark Johnson] We stick a couple of grade 8 12mm washers over the stud once it is in the hub and then put a grade 8 nut on the stud and pull them into place with an air gun.

the order of assembly (bottom to top):
2-3 washers (so they can spin on each other)
air gun

ARP packageARP Stud and Honda lug nut

They are installed using an impact gun, which pulls the knurl into the hub. These are a one way installation, but then again, spot welding skunk 2 studs insn't easily reverable either. Remove the wheel hub and then press out the stock studs. Place the ARP studs in, place two hardened washers ont hem, and a grade 8 or higher nut. Then hammer away. It only takes a few seconds, and the knurl pulls into the hub quite well.

They may be slightly out of alignment initially, but after mounting some wheels/tires and driving around for a few days, I found that they aligned themselves perfectly and are nice and parrallel now.

Install 1

Install 2


Length Comparison



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